Our dentists can make sure your child grows strong, healthy teeth when we use digital X-rays. This tool allows Drs. Scott and Doug Petersen to see more of your child’s smile and to protect it from decay and disease. Please call our team at Nephi Dental Clinic today if you want to learn more about our digital X-rays in Nephi, Utah.

It is very important to take routine X-rays of your child’s teeth and jawbone because they are constantly growing and changing. A lot happens in your child’s mouth, from teething to losing baby teeth to the eruption of permanent teeth to developing wisdom teeth. With X-rays, we make sure that your child’s teeth and bite develop correctly. Additionally, children are more susceptible to tooth decay than adults, which makes receiving routine X-rays even more important for their oral health.

Parents who are concerned about their children’s exposure to X-ray radiation don’t need to worry. We use digital X-rays at our office that output a significantly lower amount of radiation in comparison to traditional X-rays. We will also take preventive measures to protect your child when they receive an X-ray by covering them with a protective apron. To learn more about how our digital X-rays can improve your child’s oral health, call our office today.