Drs. Scott and Doug Petersen can help your child’s teeth become more resistant to cavities when we provide fluoride treatment. We use this mineral at Nephi Dental Clinic because it can strengthen the enamel tissues surrounding and protecting your child’s teeth. Contact our dentists if you would like to learn more about pediatric fluoride treatment in Nephi, Utah.

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in earth, water, and food. In fact, most communities in the U.S. add even more of it to the water supply because it prevents tooth decay. Studies show that fluoride strengthens teeth, rebuilds the enamel tissue surrounding teeth, and can even reverse cavities in its early stages. The fluoride mineral is very important for oral health.

Fluoride becomes even more important for children because it helps them to grow strong teeth that last for life. Additionally, children are more susceptible to decay, and having plenty of fluoride in the mouth is essential for preventing cavities. Your child can gain fluoride not only from the water they drink, but also from the treatment we provide at our office. We apply fluoride directly to your child’s smile by either delivering it in a foam or by brushing it on with a varnish. Call us today if you want your child to experience the benefits of our fluoride treatment.