Originally Published on May 13, 2015 by admin

Some don’t like orthodontia. It is expensive, looks strange, and can be uncomfortable at times. However, if your orthodontist recommends braces for your teeth, you should listen. There are several benefits from having orthodontia; here are the reasons you should embrace braces.

Straight Teeth and Bite

A misaligned jaw, crooked teeth, teeth spaced too far apart, or crowded teeth are all reasons for getting orthodontia. Fixing these problems is good for your health and gives you a beautiful smile.

Dental Health

When braces fix an uneven bite, they also prevent a lot of future dental problems. These can include tooth decay, jaw problems, tooth wear, gum disease, tooth loss, and affected speech/chewing.

Time Length

Most braces only need to stay on your teeth for one to three years (with the use of a retainer afterwards). In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a long time, and the result is a beautiful smile for life.

Comfort and Look

Some people may shudder at the idea of filling their mouth with metal, but orthodontia has advanced over the years and is more comfortable than ever. Additionally, there are different types of braces that can be used depending on your bite alignment, including lingual braces (which are put on the back of the teeth) and invisible aligners.