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Don’t be afraid to set forth a damage prevention plan to keep your smile safe as you age. If left untreated, you may find yourself slowly having decay and erosion wear away your teeth and gums. Beyond traditional healing methods, you may also want to take into consideration times when it won’t be as easy to clean your mouth. This includes whenever you are sick. If you do end up with an illness, have a prevention plan in place to ensure your mouth can remain properly hydrated and use effective cleaning habits that are safe for your gums and teeth.

Enhancing your oral health includes always making sure you are taking the necessary steps to clean your mouth out whenever possible. However, when you were sick, you may find yourself throwing up. If you do throw up, do not try to clean your mouth out with the toothbrush. This is because your teeth are made extra sensitive due to harmful acids in your mouth, and the presence of a toothbrush can cause further dental abrasion. Instead, try to use mouthwash or saliva producing materials such as chewing sugarless gum.

Sugarless gum is extremely helpful for producing saliva, which is a known ingredient that can help neutralize harmful acids in your mouth. This includes acids that have arisen from your stomach due to vomiting. However, some medications produce dry mouth as a side effect, which can lower the amount of saliva in your mouth. Thus, exercise caution with any medications you may be taking to clear up your illness. To further help yourself, always hydrate properly.

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