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Dental lasers are small, beneficial tools that can help everyone in the dental office, including you. In fact, they can reduce your anxiety, pain, swelling, and bleeding. They can also preserve more of the healthy tooth enamel when restoring your tooth with a dental filling. They are also beneficial because they help your dentist, Dr. Scott and Doug Petersen, perform more comfortable, accurate, and successful treatments.

There are many treatments that might involve your dentist using a dental laser, including:

-Tooth decay removal: Lasers are used to eliminate tooth decay from the tooth without removing a large amount of healthy enamel. The tool also helps prepare the tooth for the filling.

-Gum treatment: As a victim of gum disease, your gums recede and move away from your teeth. Lasers can reshape your gums and give you a more attractive and natural-looking smile.

-Root canal therapy: Lasers can remove bacteria in the area that is receiving the therapy, which will reduce the chances of infection.

-Biopsy: Lasers can remove a small section of your oral tissues so your dentist can examine it for oral cancer.

-Lesion removal: Lasers can remove lesions from your oral cavity and can also reduce the pain of canker sores.

-Teeth whitening: Lasers can speed up the whitening process in the office to give you the bright and brilliant smile you have always wanted.

When the laser is used for a surgical treatment, it acts as a cutting instrument and it also vaporizes tissue. When it is used to cure a filling, the laser helps the filling completely bond to the tooth. When the laser is used for a teeth-whitening treatment, it quickens the process by heating the whitening solution.

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