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Have you gotten braces? Does it seem like life has you constantly running from one activity to another? While life can be incredibly busy and hectic, little mishaps do not seem to wait for convenient moments for them to occur. Because of this, we would like to briefly explain what you can do if you suddenly face an orthodontic emergency.

Protruding Wire
If you have a wire that sticks out or has broken, it could irritate your cheek, gum or tongue. You can use an eraser on a pencil to gently push it into a better position. If that isn’t successful, the end of the wire can be covered with some orthodontic wax, a piece of gauze or a cotton ball until you can see our dentists. You should NEVER cut the wire yourself.

Loose Bracket
A bracket can become loose after eating something hard or sticky, or it may get loose for other reasons. Loose brackets can cause irritation to different areas of your mouth. Orthodontic wax might help secure it and provide a cushion between the bracket and your mouth until Drs. Scott and Doug Petersen can see you.

If you live in Nephi, Utah, and want more information on orthodontic emergencies and what you can do, please call Nephi Dental Clinic at 435-623-1916. We want to help you achieve your most confident smile.